Scott Weiland: Christmas Songs Deal with the ‘Idea of Spirituality’


Story by Cat Badra

Stone Temple Pilots frontman goes from singing ‘Wicked Garden’ to ‘White Christmas’

When Stone Temple Pilots bad boy frontman Scott Weiland first announced he was determined to release an album of traditional Christmas songs, it’s fair to say more than a few eyebrows rose. Somehow, the voice behind such delightfully grungy hits as, “Dead and Bloated,” and, “Wicked Garden,” just didn’t seem a natural fit for a set of jolly, glittery Christmas tunes. Since the release of The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, though, many STP fans seem pleasantly surprised with the way Weiland’s smooth tenor cover the classics.

Weiland says doing the Christmas album was a challenge– a good one. “It’s different than making a secular rock ‘n’ roll record or an art rock record, because these songs have to do with the holiday season and the idea of spirituality, and that is a very important thing,” he told CNN from his private recording studio in Burbank, Calif.

As for singing traditional Christmas songs such as, “White Christmas,” and, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” Weiland says there’s something enchanting about brining those timeless lyrics to life. “Lots of magical things happen at Christmas,” he said. Is Weiland a closet Christmas romantic? “I really kind of am,” he said.

Weiland released a wholesome, merry Christmas video for, “White Christmas,” off the album, and the clip has Weiland donning a gray suite and retro, slicked-back hair, singing in Bing Crosby mode. Watch the full video, here. Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Stone Temple Pilots’ debut full-length, Core, and it’s rumored that the band will release all kinds of goodies leading up to the centenary.




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