Sublime with Rome Drummer Bud Gaugh Leaves Band [Breaking]


Story by Anne Erickson

Sublime with Rome play final show at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas

Following a messy on-stage blow up at a show in Hawaii last month, the guys of Sublime with Rome fielded break-up rumors for days upon weeks, finally explaining to the press that, yes, they fought but, no, that doesn’t mean they’re breaking up. Now, the future of the band is once again in major jeopardy, as drummer Bud Gaugh has announced he’s leaving the group.

Sublime with Rome — which features former Sublime members Gaugh and Eric Wilson and new vocalist Rome Ramirez in place of Bradley Nowell, who passed away in 1996 — broke the news to Kevin & Bean from Los Angeles alternative rock station KROQ. Speaking in front of the Gibson Amphitheatre before tonight’s (Dec. 10) stint at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas, the guys revealed that Gaugh would be leaving the band. As if that weren’t enough of a blow, the group added that tonight would mark band’s final show with the current line-up– although they are not breaking up. As for Gaugh’s reason for the exit, he’s expecting a baby soon and wants to refocus his time on his family and the new little one, so it’s a good motivation.

As recent as a month ago, things seemed fine in the Sublime with Rome camp. During the band’s touring rounds, Ramirez spoke out about how much he was digging the Sublime with Rome gig. “Oh, man. I’ve been into Sublime since I was 11 years old,” he told the Arizona Central. “They were, like, the first band that I really became infatuated with. I didn’t even start playing music until I heard Sublime. I heard them and I wanted to pick up guitar. So it’s kind of funny how full circle it came.” It was great while it lasted, guys! (Photo credit: Marc Thomas Kallweit, Fueled by Ramen.)


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