Blink-182 Show Darker Side in, ‘After Midnight,’ Video


Story by Cat Badra

Blink-182’s latest music video takes place in a psych ward

Eternal punk-pop boys Blink-182 have released their music video for, “After Midnight,” off 2011’s, “Neighbors.” While the new-school trio usually put out upbeat, party-ready music videos, this time around, they’re getting dark and deep. The video shows singer and bass guitarist Mark Hoppus, guitarist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker rocking out in what looks to be an airport or spacecraft hanger, intermixed with footage of a couple gallivanting through a psych ward and creating havoc along the way. Watch the full video at the end of the story.

Hoppus says the concept for the music video stems from the idea of “damaged people who fall in love.” “The song itself is about troubled love, it’s about damaged people who fall in love,” he told MTV News, “and the video takes place in a psychiatric ward, and this guy and this girl escape from their rooms and have a night of romance and passion and fun and wild existence …”

He also says the plan for the video didn’t come to fruition overnight. It took lots of trial and error. “We went through probably 30 different treatments for this video, and a lot of them were great, and a lot of them weren’t so great but [director] Isaac [Rentz’s] stuck out as a really cool idea,” Hoppus explained. “We wanted it to be something different than just a bunch of people having fun and having a party; we wanted it to be a little darker, a little more troubled, and Isaac’s treatment did that.” Check out the video on Blink’s official website.


Cat Badra
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