Brian ‘Head’ Welch on Korn: ‘We Will Always Stay in Touch’


Story by Anne Erickson

Former Korn guitarist has patched things up with ex-bandmates

When guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch left nu-metal band Korn in 2005 to find Christianity and raise his daughter, tension certainly existed between the two camps. Korn continued on their path of making dark alternative metal, and Welsh put together his own band, “Head,” a metal outfit dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Now, seven years later, things are much friendlier between Welch and camp Korn. In fact, Welch says he’s more than happy to see the success of Korn’s latest album, “The Path of Totality,” and wishes nothing but the best for his ex-band mates.

“… I am very happy for those guys and proud of that music and totally past the point of holding an ill will for any of them,” Welch told Legendary Rock Interviews. “I just hung out with Jonathan [Davis, lead singer] and his wife the whole night a few months back and hung out with Fieldy [bass player] sometime after that when I was out on tour with my band. It is without a doubt all good. I have nothing but good vibes for them and I’m sure we will always stay in touch.”

Head also said that — brace yourself — a Korn reunion isn’t completely out of the question! “It would have to be a situation where we all agree on things and be for a real purpose and some concrete, higher-power reason,” he said. “I’m happy right now doing my stuff and I feel really content doing it and those guys are really busy and content doing their thing. I have no plans to do such a reunion, but if it were for the right reasons and we all felt the same way about it I would definitely keep an open mind about it.”


Anne Erickson
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