Disturbed’s Dan Donegan: ‘We Write Every Song with a Purpose’


Story by Charles Ken

Disturbed’s, ‘The Lost Children,’ features songs that didn’t quite make previous albums

The men of Disturbed don’t do anything halfway. When they put together a song, they make sure it’s the loudest, toughest, highest-octane ode possible. For that reason, when the heavy metal band put together a collection of tracks that somehow didn’t make their previous albums and released it as, “The Lost Children,” they made sure every song soared.

Disturbed six-stringer Dan Donegan says “The Lost Children,” which arrived late last year, was something the band members felt called to do. Like many musicians, they’ve faced the tough situation of having to ditch songs they love in order to fit the album, and this seemed the perfect solution. “… For us, it’s hard to leave anything off. We don’t write 50 songs and pick the best ten or twelve to put on the album,” he told Artist Direct. “We write every song with a purpose. We want it to be heard and shared with the fans. Unfortunately, over time, you have a collection of songs that have never seen the light of day. We wanted to make sure they got out at some point.”

“The Lost Children” features deep Disturbed cuts, all carrying the band’s precise execution of skillful modern metal music. “… All of these songs were written over the length of our career. Some of these songs were even written while we were a local band,” Donegan said. “To sequence them from different eras and times we wrote them, we wanted to create a vibe throughout the album. For us, these songs are important. This feels like another album for us. These are songs we want to be heard and we want to be able to play some day. We’ve only played a few of these songs live because people aren’t familiar with them. We didn’t want to bore people with something they’re unfamiliar with. Whenever that comes in the future, we’ll maybe get a chance to play some of these tracks.”

Watch the video trailer for, “The Lost Children,” here. (Photo: Audio Ink Radio.)




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