Mark Tremonti Names Favorite Creed Songs to Play Live


Story by Charles Ken

Guitarist Mark Tremonti is getting ready to tour with Creed in 2012

Dexterity-defying six-stringer Mark Tremonti has kept extremely busy as of late, between releasing albums and playing numerous tours with rockers Alter Bridge, as well as working on his own solo album. Now, Tremonti is getting back with his breakout band, Creed, to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the post-grunge rockers’ seminal debut album, “My Own Prison.”

On the band’s upcoming tour, Creed will play their first two albums, the aforementioned, “My Own Prison,” and their second release, “Human Clay,” in their entirety. Looking back on the hit tracks off those albums, Tremonti says he has a few favorites when it comes to playing live. “I still love playing ‘Torn,’ ‘My Own Prison,’ and ‘Unforgiven,’” he told Artist Direct. “You play some of them now and you feel like you were just a child when you wrote them it was so long ago. When you play some of the musical parts, you know you would do something different nowadays. In a way, it’s cool to revisit and see where your head was at and how you’ve grown.”

Tremonti says some of the music comes back to him quickly, but other songs take a bit of work to dust off the cobwebs. “On ‘My Own Prison,’ everything is pretty straightforward,” he said. “There are a couple of riffs here and there that were pretty cool. For the most part, the first album was pretty simple overall. As we got into the second and third records, we learned along the way and got a little deeper with the songs.”

He also reminisced about Creed’s early jam sessions. “There were a few,” he said. “At first, we had a different bass player and an additional guitar player. I was playing metal riffs and Scott was singing U2 kind of stuff. Little by little, the more we played, the more we got on the same page. Being in Creed took away some of my metal roots and made me morph into what you hear on the records.” Tremonti recently spoke with Audio Ink Radio about his favorite guitarists. Read his picks, here.


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