Maynard James Keenan’s Puscifer to Perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Story by Charles Ken

Puscifer are set to hit late-night TV in February

Maynard James Keenan is currently out on the road with his massively popular prog-metal band Tool, but as soon as that trek wraps, the singer has even more tour plans. Keenan’s electro-industrial comedy troupe, Puscifer, will hit the road starting Feb. 23 in support of their latest release, “Conditions of My Parole.” Before then, Keenan and Puscifer will make a stop on late-night TV.

Puscifer will perform live on the Thursday, Feb. 16 episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on ABC-TV, which airs the morning of Friday, Feb. 17. No word on what selections Puscifer will pull out, but chances are they’ll come off “Conditions.”

As for Puscifer’s upcoming tour, the show is most certainly in the family, as the band’s touring lineup consists of members of A Perfect Circle and other friends of Keenan. Touring members for this run include Kennan, A Perfect Circle bass player Matt McJunkins and drummer Jeff Friedl, Mat Mitchell, Josh Eustis and British singer / songwriter Carina Round. Musically, fans should prep for Puscifer’s famed electro-rock fare: heavily grooved, hook-less, attractive songs with the purpose and outcome of breaking all songwriting conventions and clichés. Songs oscillate between heavy, industrial rock tunes (“Telling Ghosts”) to lighter, near-classical numbers (“Horizons”).

In other Keenan news, the singer’s other band, A Perfect Circle, is No. 166 on Pollstar’s list of the Top Grossing North American Tours of 2011, with 4.4 million in profits for their summer trek of North American theaters. Only time will tell if he’ll beat that this year, between the Puscifer and Tool treks. Check out footage from Tool’s debut 2012 stop via the band’s artist page.


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