Pearl Jam – 2012 New Album Outlook


Story by Anne Erickson

Pearl Jam have promised to start work on a new album in 2012

One of the most anticipated rock releases of 2012, without a question, is the upcoming album from grunge innovators Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder and the crew came up from former Seattle band Mother Love Bone in the early ‘90s and quickly became one of the biggest rock bands of the era.

Pearl Jam are expected to begin work on their follow-up to 2009’s, “Backspacer,” this year. “ … in this moment, we are in the process of composing an album,” guitarist Mike McCready told late last year. “We have seven songs … and we’ll work on the rest of them next year in March.” No word yet on who will producing the band’s tenth studio release, but chances are, Pearl Jam will stay with longtime producer Brendan O’Brien (Seether, Incubus).

As for the album’s sound, don’t expect one-dimensional “grunge.” In fact, McCready doesn’t really consider Pearl Jam a grunge band. “It is very hard for me to use that word [grunge], because I never thought that we were. Of course the media need to put music into categories and sell them,” he said. “We always feel just like a rock band.”

He feels grateful that Pearl Jam is still relevant in 2012. “The fact that still listen to our songs and we play to an audience today makes me feel very grateful and think that maybe the songs were really good and lasted for being good,” he said. “And that is all that a band might want to make music that touches people the way I feel touched when I hear some songs by the Rolling Stones, Social Distortion or Fri Pistols or X. Scrolls a sense of connectedness with these songs. If you can do this with a band, your job is done. And of course have a career for 20 years, too!”

In the meantime, fans can check out a previously unreleased Pearl Jam demo from 1991, titled “Chinese,” which Cameron Crowe recently released at Pearl Jam’s Sirius / XM radio station. Listen to the tune, here.


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