Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Wants to Tour with Jane’s Addiction + Black Sabbath


Story by Anne Erickson

Could you see Smashing Pumpkins tour with Jane’s Addiction or Black Sabbath? Billy Corgan could.

If you weren’t already aware, Smashing Pumpkins personality and frontman Billy Corgan is a fan of Twitter. His tweets via @Billy are incessant, and Corgan certainly lets his thoughts on everything from politics to great music out through his Twitter bursts.

Yesterday (Jan. 24), Corgan did a Q & A with fans on Twitter. During the back-and-forth, one fan asked Corgan with whom he’s like to do a proper tour. His answer? Fellow ‘90s alternative band Jane’s Addiction and metal guys Black Sabbath! Jane’s we can see. Sabbath? Maybe.

Here’s Corgan’s Tweet: “@TwitterMusic @towishdangerous i would love to tour with @janesaddiction or BLACK SABBATH @officialsabbath.”

Corgan also addressed his most significant inspirations: “@TwitterMusic @Amieesmith444 my biggest inspirations:John Lennon/Bob Dylan/Picasso/Jesus of Nazz/Mary Magdalene/Wm Burroughs/Walt Disney.” He went on to give advice to upcoming musicians looking to be as influential as the Pumpkins someday. “@TwitterMusic @Noiseheads today’s musicians should focus on making their own world: music/style/social media and ignore what’s come before.”

In other Pumpkins news, the band are planning to release their latest full-length, “Oceania,” this year. Corgan says the new songs are getting such a stellar reaction from colleagues, they’re telling him to change the Pumpkins’ famed moniker! “Yep. ‘Now’s the time to change the name ‘cause now you can be the victor of the whole thing. You can stand away from the Pumpkin and you have the record to prove it and you have the band to prove it and you guys can create your own legacy,’” he told Sterogum, in a recent chat. Could you see the Pumpkins going on as anything but, well, the Pumpkins?


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