The Killers’ Brandon Flowers: New Album Will ‘Definitely’ Drop in 2012


Story by Anne Erickson

Killers singer promises a new LP this year

Two thousand twelve will be the year of the Killers’ return, as Brandon Flowers, frontman from the alternative rock outfit, has announced his band will “definitely” put out a new LP this year. In fact, the new release could come as early as this summer.

Speaking with BBC Radio1, Flowers, 30, said the guys are working on the new set right now, and it’s just a question of “whether it’s [released in] the summertime or the wintertime.” Sounds eminent!

One track that’s already almost in the can is called, “Battle Born.” Flowers seems giddy just talking about. “There’s one called ‘Battle Born’ – it’s definitely a killer on the record,” he said.

“It’s just exciting getting everyone in the room to make some noise,” he added. “It’s quite a bit louder that with my solo thing (Flowers released a solo album called “Flamingo” in 2010), so I’ve got to get used to that.”

As for the stylistic direction on the album, Flowers says it’s a blend of sounds from the band’s previous three albums, taking into account the Killers’ natural evolution over the years: “I think the consensus within the band is to take those things that we’ve done well and really hone in on that.”

Flowers also said the band are being careful not to repeat their past successes. “We don’t want to make ‘Hot Fuss’ 2 or ‘Sam’s Town’ 2, or ‘Day & Age’ 2,” he said. “We’ll maybe take all that stuff, the best of all of it and do what we know how to do.”




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