Theory of a Deadman’s Tyler Connolly: ‘We Have a Lot of Female Fans’


Story by Anne Erickson

Theory of a Deadman’s latest song songs the band’s softer side

Theory of a Deadman’s latest single, “Hurricane,” shows the Canadian rock guys have a softer side, with melodic rock backings, cascading guitars and yearning vocals about making it through hard times.

As with many Theory of a Deadman tunes, “Hurricane” finds lead singer Tyler Connolly channeling hurt feelings from a relationship gone wrong through his music. “I usually write about relationship stuff,” he told “That seems to be my forte.”

“I’m venting my frustrations,” he added. “[Staind’s] Aaron Lewis and Adam [Gontier] from Three Days Grace and all those guys, their release is to talk about home life and how when they were growing up maybe their family stuff wasn’t so great. Maybe that’s where their stuff comes from. For me… I just haven’t had a good track record with women, so it just seems natural to talk about that.”

While Theory of a Deadman’s music is often written from a thwarted boyfriend or husband’s standpoint, Connolly says the band’s audience doesn’t reflect that. “Ironically, we have a lot of female fans,” he said. “They seem to enjoy that style, for some reason. You would think our music would target males, but it’s the opposite. We have a lot of chicks at our shows.”

You know who else digs Theory of a Deadman? Connolly says that although the gents don’t write too many military-themed songs, they have a significant military following. “We have a lot of fans in the military,” he said. “At the same time, I don’t want to write a song and just be like ‘Hey ho, we love fighting wars!’ It’s tough to be in the middle.” What’s your favorite Theory jam?


Anne Erickson
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