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Theory of a Deadman – Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Jimmy Fontaine

Theory of a Deadman’s new album, “Say Nothing,” packs songs with meaning

Theory of a Deadman is back with the band’s seventh studio album, “Say Nothing,” and even though the album is called “Say Nothing,” it seems the Canadian rock band has lots to say.

The new record presents bold, powerful rock songs that deal with serious issues such as domestic abuse, drug use, racism and politics.

“History of Violence,” the lead single off the album, is a melodic rock anthem about domestic abuse. On it, Theory of a Deadman brings the catchy rock that fans have come to love from Theory, but they twist in the serious theme of domestic abuse, which takes Theory to a new level.

“World Keeps Spinning” is another stand-out on the set. Frontman Tyler Connolly told Audio Ink Radio that the song is about “depression and all about me, so it’s a very personal track.” With the crushing lyrics, “Out here living in the Wild West / A lack of confidence is when I’m at my best / I’m just a burnout trying to fade away / Like a moth drawn to the flame,” Connolly sings about the realities of living with depression and anxiety.

The rest of “Say Nothing” packs one potential rock radio hit after another, with “Black Hole in Your Heart,” “Strangers” and “Quicksand” each bringing their own charm and appeal. “Say Nothing” features some of the strongest songwriting from Theory to date. Connolly wrote much of the album on piano, and that coupled with the band’s determination to write about important topics made for one of the most imaginative album’s in the band’s catalog. “Say Nothing,” both musically and lyrically, is a mature record, yet it still has enough youthful angst and rock appeal to appeal to younger Theory fans.

With the release of “Say Nothing,” Theory has shown their ability to write songs with meaning and heart, as well as create music that spans genres and takes them to new musical places. “Say Nothing” is a commanding collection that proves Theory will have something to say for years to come. Ink rating: 9 out of 10.

Listen to Audio Ink Radio’s interview with Theory of a Deadman’s Tyler Connolly:

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