Dark New Day Singer Brett Hestla Talks ‘New Tradition’ – Exclusive


Story by Anne Erickson

Dark New Day’s latest album, ‘New Tradition,’ drops this week

Hard rock supergroup Dark New Day are back with their sophomore full-length, “New Tradition,” out Tuesday (Feb. 28). The album — which brings together brand-name players including Will Hunt (Evanescence), Clint Lowery (Sevendust), Brett Hestla (Virgos Merlot), Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence) and Corey Lowery (Stereomud, Eye Empire) — carries plenty of brooding post-grunge and hard rock for the active rock crowd.

Hestla, frontman for the group, exclusively tells Audio Ink Radio that the tracks on “New Tradition” aren’t exactly new. Instead, they’re songs recorded throughout the years that needed a proper home, and now they finally have one.

Hestla says the tracks stand the test of time. “The illusion of this record is that it’s a brand new record,” Hestla said. “The truth is that these are demos that we did for the second record that was supposed to come out in ’06 or ‘07, so we’ve had these songs on the back burner, and we tried several avenues to get them released. We lost our deal with Warner Brothers because the people who signed us no longer worked there, so the album was like a child without a home there…

“Now, we’re able to release the album, and it’s amazing how the songs have held up over the test of time. I feel like they sound current and fresh, and it’s almost like we were ahead of the game recording it, and it may be a blessing that it took a while to come out. You never know how these things go. I’m excited for people to hear the songs.” Check back for our full interview with Hestla this week! (Photo credit: Stephen Jensen/Josh Hartzler/Katie Hestla.)




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