Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale Says ‘Love Bites’ Puts Her on the ‘Guy’s Side’


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Halestorm singer explains new single is about the ‘one girl to stand next to the guy’

Female-fronted metal behemoths Halestorm are set to release their latest full-length, “The Strange Case Of…,” on April 10, and if the album’s lead single, “Love Bites (So Do I),” is any indication, we’re in for a string of vociferous power chord rock with plenty of sting.

After a run of songs rooting against the guy — a la “It’s Not You,” off Halestorm’s last album — lead singer Lzzy Hale insists this new track is an attempt to root for the guy. She even calls it a stand-by-your-man type of song. See? Even rockers can play nice.

“As far as lyrically, this is kind of my attempt to be on the guy’s side for once, because on the last record, you guys weren’t entirely too happy with me [Laughs]… ” Hale told Revolver in a video interview. “Well, most of you like it rough anyways… but, I’ve been hanging out with guys my entire life. My entire band is made up of a bunch of guys.

“I’ve seen my share of band girlfriends, and honestly, a lot of them are so obsessed with the Cosmopolitan-like quizzes and, ‘Am I being loved enough?’ and ‘Is my man right for me?’ … This is my attempt at just kind of being one girl to kind of stand next to the guy.”

Halestorm will be out supporting “The Strange Case Of…” in April, playing a tour alongside Staind and Godsmack. The trek lasts through mid-May, and find the full list of tour dates via this link. (Photo credit: Phil Mucci.)

Watch Revolver’s Video Interview with Halestorm:


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