Mike Portnoy on Flying Colors LP: All the Songs Brings Different Things to the Party


Story by Anne Erickson

Mike Portnoy Says Flying Colors Album Carries a Gamut of Styles

Mike Portnoy is gearing up for the release of not one, but two albums from his bands Flying Colors and Adrenaline Mob. Both new albums hit stores this March, so wanton to say, it’s a busy time for the famed prog drummer.

Flying Colors — including Portnoy, Deep Purple’s Steve Morse, Dave LaRue, Neal Morse and Casey McPherson — release their self-titled debut March 27. A few weeks before then, Adrenaline Mob — packing Portnoy, Russell Allen, Mike Orlando, Mike Portnoy and John Moyer — have their full-length debut, entitled “Omertá,” out March 13.

Flying Colors’ new album, Portnoy says, isn’t what you would necessarily expect from a group of prog-rockers. Songs cover the gamut of genres, from pop to rock to metal to folk. Because of the vast variety, Portnoy’s favorite track on the album is always in flux.

“It depends on what mood I’m in,” Portnoy exclusively told Audio Ink Radio, when asked about his choice track on the album. “If I’m in the mood for something prog-y and deep, then I listen to the closing track, ‘Infinite Fire’ is obviously the epic of the album. But if I’m looking for something simple and poppy, ‘Love is What I’m Waiting For’ is a favorite. ‘Forever in a Daze’ is something a bit more funky and bouncy. So, all the songs bring different things to the party.” Check back for our full interview with Portnoy in the coming weeks, in which he elaborates more on the upcoming Flying Colors set. (Photo credit: Joey Pippin.)


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