Mike Portnoy on Teaming with Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale on Duran Duran Song


Story by Anne Erickson

Flying Colors and Adrenaline Mob drummer couldn’t be happier with Lzzy Hale collaboration

Mike Portnoy has his hands full right now with two album releases set for this month: one with supergroup Flying Colors set for March 27 and the other with metal supergroup Adrenaline Mob dropping on March 13. On the latter album, “Omertà,” Portnoy and the guys called on sultry Halestorm vocalist Lzzy Hale to lend her raspy, powerful vocals to a cover of Duran Duran’s hit, “Come Undone.” This result is nothing less than mesmerizing.

So, how did the drumming wiz approach Miss. Hale to get on board the project? As it turns out, the two were already friends. “She’s somebody I’m friends with from touring together on Uproar a few years back,” Portnoy exclusively told Audio Ink Radio. “Lzzy and I became good friends, and when the idea for a female vocalist came up for ‘Come Undone,’ I knew she would absolutely kill it! So, I her gave call, and it was the same situation as with John, without even hearing it, she was on board because she wanted to do something with me. Once she heard the tune, she was like, ‘This is awesome. This is going to be great!’”

Portnoy knew Hale would knock it out of the park, but even he couldn’t anticipate just how emotion-drenched and action-packed the track would turn out. “Her voice just fits perfectly,” he said. “The minute I heard tracks, the hair on the back on my neck stood up. It just gave me chills.” Check back for Audio Ink Radio’s full interview with Portnoy in the coming weeks, and check out why Portnoy says the new Flying Colors album brings a blend of sounds, here. (Photo credit: Joey Pippin.)


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