Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Studio Set for a Makeover


Story by Anne Erickson

Studio where Nirvana recorded ‘In Utero’ is set to reopen

Nirvana’s breakthrough sophomore album “Nevermind” usually gets all the attention, but it shouldn’t overshadow the band’s final collection, “In Utero,” which arrived in September of 1993. Now, the backwaters Minnesota recording studio where Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic set up shop to record their third and final album — the famed collection that carried hits such as “Heart-Shaped Box” and All Apologies — is being restored for a reopening after being closed for roughly a year, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports.

John Kuker, who founded Seed Underbelly Studios in Minneapolis and started divisions in Los Angeles and New York, says he has acquired the studio in rural Cannon Falls and has tentative plans to rename it Seed Underbelly North. “We’re doing a whole makeover on the place, because it really needed it,” Kuker explained. The 1960s-era house and wooded, six-acre lot also housed recording sessions for Kurt Cobain, Soul Asylum, PJ Harvey, Live and other many ‘90s rockers.

The estate had gone into foreclosure and was almost beyond repaid when it sold for a high $370,000 last summer. Kuker explained he even had difficulty getting a garbage truck to come over to take away the construction trash “because it had gotten such a bad reputation.” Cannon Falls City Council Member Leroy McCuster added that “the roof was caving, and the place stunk so bad it had to be fumigated.”

“It was really sad to see, because the studio and the house are a big part of the history around here,” McCuster continued. “There’s a lot of pride in it, so folks are excited about what John’s doing.” What are your thoughts on the restoration of “In Utero’s” home? Let us know in the comments area.


Anne Erickson
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