Pearl Jam’s ‘Jeremy’ Gets ‘Jeremy (Lin)’ Makeover by Jimmy Fallon


Story by Anne Erickson

Watch Jimmy Fallon perform ‘Jeremy Lin’ as Eddie Vedder

Quick– name Pearl Jam’s most recognizable song! Okay, that’s admittedly an easy question: “Jeremy.” The early-‘90s single put Pearl Jam on the grunge map, and the song is still a regular on rock radio playlists.

Jimmy Fallon, apparently, is a fan of Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy.” On his late-night TV show last week, Fallon put his own spin on “Jeremy” as a tribute to New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. Toting lengthy, Eddie Vedder-appropriate straggly locks and flannel, Fallon rewrote the lyrics to “Jeremy” to pay homage to the “Linsanity” that has taken over NBA fans in recent weeks, thanks to the rising star.

The lyrics to the original “Jeremy” includes the opening lines “At home, drawing pictures / Of mountain tops / With him on top / Lemon yellow sun / Arms raised in a V.” Fallon’s version? “At home shooting free throws and 3-point shots / Waiting for a job / Name not yet a pun / Carmelo injury / Came out of nowhere like an Asian Tebow.”

Fallon, sounding darn like Vedder, continued: “The Knicks were eight and fifteen, and, oh, before that no one really ca-a-ared.” Fallon does the whole song in the style of Eddie Vedder, almost too perfectly. Watch his “Jeremy” rendition below.

For those who are wondering what the heck Pearl Jam has to do with NBA sports, remember that the band are full of basketball fans. Pearl Jam’s first band name was even Mookie Blaylock, in honor of the former NBA point guard, so the idea isn’t really all that crazy. By the way, Pearl Jam are working on a new album. Read more about that, here. (Photo via Hulu.)

Watch Jimmy Fallon Perform ‘Jeremy Lin’ as Eddie Vedder:


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