AWOLNATION’s ‘Sail’ Goes Platinum, Aaron Bruno Explains Song’s Genesis


Story by Cat Badra

Latest AWOLNATION single has pushed over one million digital downloads

AWOLNATION are the hot alternative act of the moment, as their chart-topping single, “Sail,” off their debut album, “Megalithic Symphony,” has been certified platinum, counting over one million digital downloads pushed in the U.S. In celebration of their new platinum status, the alternative group have kicked off a contest where fans can score one of ten official “platinum plaques,” monogramed with each winner’s name. To get in the running for the contest plus pick up a free download of “Sail,” shoot on over to the band’s official Facebook page or the Red Bull Records site.

“Sail” mixes live instrumentation and electronic beats into an electro-pop style that’s extremely catchy. With the track’s massive success, it’s hard to believe ‘Sail’ was never intended to make it to radio. But, singer Aaron Bruno insists the ode, which he recorded in less than an hour, was just the result of experimenting with different sounds.

“That was written at a time where I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go,” Bruno told “I was sitting at the studio trying to make these little pop songs for aspiring pop artists for chump change, [with] barely enough money to buy a bean and cheese burrito.”

So, Bruno decided to shift gears and put together something really unusual. “ … I came up with the string section part at the beginning, and the song just came to me,” he said. “I recorded the strings, the beat and the synth — all within 45 minutes. My engineer went down the street to get some sodas for us, and by the time he got back, I’d sung the lyrics and it was done. It happened so quickly it was almost an accident.”




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