AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno on Success: It Doesn’t Seem Real at All


Story by Anne Erickson

Aaron Bruno says he’s still adjusting to AWOLNATION’s success

Aaron Bruno is anything but an overnight success. He made music for 15 years in different bands before scoring the chart-toppers “Sail” and “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” with AWOLNATION. He’s still pinching himself about the success.

“I’m still adjusting to this,” Bruno told UPROXX in a video interview. “I’m still trying to comprehend that millions of people have head these songs I’ve written. It doesn’t seem real at all. In fact I often wake up and feel like someone’s gonna knock on the door and say, ‘Just kidding! This didn’t happen.'”

After pursuing music for so long and getting nowhere, Bruno didn’t expect his songs would ever be heard by a large audience.

“Once I started writing songs for this AWOLNATION project, I definitely didn’t think this was gonna take off,” Bruno said. “At this point I’d thrown in the towel of having some sort of massive success with my own songs. Just when I thought it really wasn’t going to happen for me in music is when it started to.”

Bruno’s latest album with AWOLNATION is this year’s “Run.” He’ll hit the road on a fall tour to support the release starting on Oct. 27 in Seattle.



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