Skillet’s John Cooper: ‘Our Music is Open to Interpretation’


Story by Charles Ken

Skillet frontman doesn’t see a wall between Christian and mainstream music

Skillet are something of Christian hard rock diplomats, fitting into both the Christian rock and mainstream, heavy music markets. But, if you ask frontman John Cooper, he doesn’t see that divide. For him, it’s perfectly natural to go from playing a purely Christian bill — which the group is doing right now as they rock the 2012 Winter Jam Tour Spectacular with a solid lineup of faith-based players, including Sanctus Real and NewSong — to touring with mainstream rock acts, such as Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd and Breaking Benjamin.

“When Skillet first started, there was a very big wall between Christian music and mainstream music,” Cooper told the PJ Star. “I didn’t realize when we first started that by doing Christian music we’d be limiting ourselves to a certain market. I grew up listening to Christian music, and I love it. But we always wanted to be able to [fit into both categories]… I’m open about what I mean in those songs, but our music is open to interpretation. You can interpret our songs any way you want to and I won’t judge you. That’s what makes Skillet unique.”

Cooper added that living in both worlds may have seemed strange to the band’s strictly faith-based fans at first, but for the most part, fans have embraced the band’s diversity. “Some people were upset, they said we were going back on our faith because we were touring with (mainstream) bands,” he said. “But for the most part, people were supportive. We make music that is not meant just for Christians.” The Winter Jam Tour wraps up April 1 in Grand Rapids, Mich., and for a full list of tour dates, visit the tour’s official website. (Courtesy photo: Atlantic Records.)


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