Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan Reveals Love for Seattle Grunge


Story by Charles Ken

Duff McKagan praises Mark Lanegan’s new solo album

Guns N’ Roses and Seattle grunge don’t necessarily have much in common on the surface. But, that doesn’t mean one can’t appreciate the other, and Guns N’ Roses bass player Duff McKagan has revealed that he’s actually a big fan of the Seattle sound that sprouted up in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

“In the early ’90s, a whole new generation of rock ‘n’ roll truth became de rigueur,” McKagan wrote in an ESPN commentary. “The rock scene in Seattle started getting worldwide attention, and the players in this revolution all seemingly had a different angle on the mostly truer and less comfortable edges of life.”

McKagan, as it turns out, is a major fan of Seattle alt-rockers Screaming Trees and frontman Mark Lanegan. He even has Lanegan’s new solo album, “Blues Funeral,” and says it’s nothing less than stellar. “’Blues Funeral’ by the Mark Lanegan Band came out last month, and it is a searing look into genius songwriting and performance,” McKagan said. “It is also a deep and experience-filled ride through the head space of a dude who has been through particular life torture chambers and survived through it all to tell us the truth. He has lived and died and lied enough that being straight-up these days is even more profound because of the trials of it all. These are the kind of records that stay around for a while.” Only time will tell if McKagan’s endorsement will send GN’R fans out to purchase Lanegan’s new disc.


Charles Ken
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