Limp Bizkit’s DJ Lethal and Drummer John Otto Are Out of the Group


Story by Anne Erickson

Fred Durst making some Limp Bizkit lineup changes

Big changes are going down right now in camp Limp Bizkit, just weeks after the rap-rockers inked with Cash Money Records. Frontman Fred Durst is cleaning house, and it looks like the current makeup of Limp Bizkit is on its way out.

Friday (March 30), one of Limp Bizkit’s founding members, DJ Lethal, announced via Twitter that he and drummer John Otto are being ejected from the group because Durst has a vision for a “new” Limp Bizkit. He added that, “From what I understand is Fred doesn’t approve of our lifestyle which includes partying and fun. I don’t want to cause drama, it’s unfair. I’ve tried to reach out and make things better. But Fred seems to have made up his mind. Bands fight and argue all the time. Just don’t get it.”

So, it sounds like Durst has a serious vision for Limp Bizkit, and that doesn’t include room for any fluff. Durst and Limp Bizkit became part of the Cash Money Records roster in February and have already recorded a song with Lil Wayne called, “Ready to Go.” As Durst explained to Billboard, “It sounds like a monster; it literally sounds dangerous,” he said. “It sounds like that left of center, that place of discomfort that created rock ‘n’ roll, created the (heavy) metal, where it all spawned from.”

Durst added that the Bizkit-Lil Wayne tracks was only a “taste” of what’s yet to come. “We want to let everybody know this is just an introduction, just a taste of what throwing these two dudes together for five minutes can do,” he said. “Now that we’re living together, now that we’re married, we’ll see what happens when we start doing more. I’m very excited.”


Anne Erickson
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