The Smashing Pumpkins Reveal ‘Oceania’ Album Art, Track Listing


Story by Anne Erickson

Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins release, ‘Oceania,’ on June 19

The Smashing Pumpkins are back with a new album, “Oceania,” set to arrive on June 19 on EMI Label Services/Caroline distribution, and Billy Corgan and the gang have unveiled the official track listing for the release. Check out the 13-track listing, below, as well as the just-released album artwork for “Oceania” to the left.

What to expect from the new release? Corgan is keeping pretty mum about the album, but Smashing Pumpkins manager, Peter Katsis of Prespect Park, had this to say about the upcoming set: “The Smashing Pumpkins” created ‘Oceania’ as an album experience, and it is intended for the process of the release to follow a path of inclusion, so that best efforts are made for all the fans hear it at the same time as press or radio. We were excited to find partners in EMI Label Services that were equally passionate about the plan for the album release as well as being huge fans of the Pumpkins.”

Mike Harris of EMI Label Services and Caroline distribution added, “We are thrilled to extend the long-term partnership between the Smashing Pumpkins and EMI with the release of ‘Oceania.’ Everybody at EMI Label Services is looking forward to working closely with Billy and the band to help them deliver their vision and their music to fans around the world.”

‘Oceania’ Track Listing:

01. “Quasar”
02. “Panopticon”
03. “The Celestials”
04. “Violet Rays”
05. “My Love Is Winter”
06. “One Diamond, One Heart”
07. “Pinwheels”
08. “Oceania”
09. “Pale Horse”
10. “The Chimera”
11. “Glissandra”
12. “Inkless”
13. “Wildflower”


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