Theory of a Deadman Singer Tyler Connolly on Touring: ‘It’s an Escape’


Story by Cat Badra

Theory of a Deadman frontman talks about life on the road

Theory of a Deadman are no strangers to touring. In fact, the Canadian rockers have been on the road for the better part of the past 10 years. While lead singer Tyler Connolly says the guys love being on the road, there are some downsides to being away from home for huge chunks of time year in and year out.

“It’s an escape; it’s a drug,” Connolly told Pollstar of being on tour. “Unfortunately, it’s not reality. It’s not a life. We tour so much that we try to adapt it to become our lives, but it’s not one. There are no families out here. There are no pets, no homes, there are no retirement funds, no sailboat to buy and sail off on. You go home, the drug wears off and reality sets in, then you’re like, ‘I don’t know who I am right now, I don’t know where I am, I can’t really live.’”

Even so, Connolly says touring, for the most part, is all smiles. “That’s the only thing that kind of sucks about touring. It’s really kind of odd,” he said. “It’s hard to describe unless you do it for 10 years and realize that 10 years have flown by and you don’t know what else there is other than this.”

Theory of a Deadman are currently on a headlining club tour throughout the U.S., and they have club and festival gigs booked through the end of the summer. Connolly says the current jaunt is a blast. “It’s good. It’s fresh,” he said. “We were out for over a month and for me that’s too long. I get stir crazy at home. So back on the road feels like home. We’re really busy out here. There’s really no time to do anything.

“We were in Augusta the other day and some radio station was going, ‘We can take you on a tour, see the golf course.’ And we’re like, ‘We don’t have time. We got press all day and do the show.’ It kind of sucks but at the same time we’re out here to work, we’re not on vacation. It’s all for a cause.” Find a complete list of Theory of a Deadman’s upcoming tour dates on the band’s official website. (Photo by Anne Erickson.)


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