Members of Korn, Machine Head and I the Breather Talk Father’s Day


Story by Anne Erickson

In honor of Father’s Day, rock and metal members discuss fatherhood

It’s Father’s Day, and in honor of all the great dads out there, Roadrunner Records asked some of the metal guys on their roster who are fathers how they balance family life and their hard rock duties. After all, between long stints on the road and weeks holed up in the studio away from their families, it can’t be easy being a rock star dad.

Robb Flynn of Machine Head says being a dad is “the greatest gift” that has come into his life. “…It’s the single hardest job I’ve ever had, and it’s twice as hard for my wife Genevra, who for months at a time is basically a single mom with financial support from me who raises our two sons, Zander and Wyatt. Yes, being in a touring metal band and balancing fatherhood is a challenge in so many ways that I wouldn’t have expected. It can be amazing, inspiring, depressing, heartbreaking, hilarious, life-affirming, and at its best, makes me a kid again…”

This is Ray Luzier of Korn’s second Father’s Day as a dad. “…I want to raise my son like my Dad raised me — he was always 110% behind me in everything I did. Being a new dad, I want to learn from my father and encourage my boy to follow his passions in life, no matter what they are — because that’s what my Dad did for me. When a lot of people said to get a real job and quit trying to be a musician, my Dad always stood behind me and encouraged me to really go for it. It’s hard to be on the road away from my son, but Skype is a huge help being able to see his face and communicate with him and his mom. And it makes me really appreciate the time I have with him when I’m not on the road.”

Dream Theater’s John Petrucci says being a father isn’t easy: “…As a father, the toughest thing that I’ve been faced with over the years is the difficulty in striking a balance between career and family. I really miss out on so much of their lives at times, so it’s so important to value the time we are together and do the best that I can to hopefully share my experiences and knowledge with them enough that it has an impression on who and how they turn out to be as people. Fortunately for me, I married an amazing woman who has been such a positive and loving presence in their lives and incredible role model as their mother, and we work together at filling in all the gaps that may result from this kind of professional lifestyle. At the end of the day, I find that it really doesn’t matter what band you’re in or what anyone may think of you as a guitar player…to them you’re just Dad!”

Baltimore Christian metal-core band I the Breather took to Twitter to send out a Father’s Day greeting: “Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s holding it down out there! God bless. You guys Rock!”

So to fathers out there who love, support and value their children, the staff at Audio Ink Radio wishes you a killer Father’s Day!


Anne Erickson
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