Red Hot Chili Peppers Say Josh Klinghoffer Helped Shape ‘I’m With You’


Story by Cat Badra

New guitarist Josh Klinghoffer brought new energy to Red Hot Chili Peppers

When the Red Hot Chili Peppers set out to record their latest full-length, 2011’s “I’m With You,” it’s no secret that they had a new guitarist in toe: Josh Klinghoffer. As it turns out, Klinghoffer had a major impact on the band’s songwriting process for the new album and certainly didn’t take the “new guy,” backseat roll. Lead singer Anthony Keidis says that Klinghoffer, who stepped in for former guitarist John Frusciante after the latter left the group in 2009, helped the band write music in a way like never before.

“He influenced the hell out of everything on this record,” Keidis told The Shields Gazette . “He influences my vocals too. He’s changed all of us, but, at the same time, there’s an obvious thread from who we have been and who I have been. He’s made me grow a bit.”

Bass player Flea also said that Klinghoffer meshed well with the Peppers and brought a new aura to their recording session for “I’m With You.” “Chemistry is so important for us,” Flea said. “[Klinghoffer] being in the band has had a huge effect on us all. John was a phenomenal musician, and Josh great in his own right in a very different way. He’s subtle and sublime and looks at things in fresh way.”

The Peppers recently announced that they’ll release some fresh songs from the “I’m With You” sessions over the next few months, as the group will unleash 18 previously unreleased songs on 7” vinyl and digitally. The first release, out Aug. 14, will offer new tracks “Strange Man” and “Long Progression.”




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