Dinosaur Jr. Release ‘Pierce the Morning Rain’ Music Video


Story by Anne Erickson

Dinosaur Jr.’s latest music video features Henry Rollins, James Urbaniak and Maria Bamford

Legendary grunge group Dinosaur Jr. have released a new music video for their track “Pierce the Morning Rain,” and the clip features some famous faces. In the video, which is the latest to come off the band’s “I Bet on Sky” album, actor James Urbaniak of “American Splendor” and “Homeland” fame plays a family man who wants nothing more than to grab the coolest car stereo in the world. Other notables in the video include stand-up comedian Maria Bamford, who portrays Urbaniak’s wife, and punk frontman and activist Henry Rollins. Watch the groovy clip below.

Peter Jacobson of “The Daily Show” and “Bob’s Burgers” wrote and directed the video. He says the video’s treatment was written around the idea of someone who finds release in noisy sounds.

“Volume is definitely a part of what they do, but [Dinosaur Jr.’s] songs are also really emotionally accessible,” Jacobson told Spin. “… They’ll write a song that sounds aggressive and angry but the lyrics are about, say, crippling self-doubt. So it seemed appropriate (to me, at least) to make a video that’s basically a sweet story about someone who finds release in loud music.”

Watch Dinosaur Jr.’s Music Video for ‘Pierce the Morning Rain’:

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