Killers Guitarist Considering Solo Album


Story by Anne Erickson

The Killers’ Dave Keuning has new material tucked away for a solo release

Dave Keuning, plays guitar in Las Vegas-based alternative rock band the Killers, is toying with the idea of putting together a solo album. The six-stringer says that he has a collection of songs tucked away for a solo set, but he’s waiting until the time is right to release them to the world.

“I have songs that I worked on…that I don’t know what to do with yet,” he told Tone Deaf . “I can’t decide if I want to be on a solo album, or some random side-project.”

If Keuning does release a solo album, he won’t be alone. Killers singer Brandon Flowers and bass player Mark Stoermer have both released solo albums over the past few years, and drummer Vannucci has been active outside of the Killers with the bands Big Talk and Mt. Desolation.

Switching gears to the Killers’ current album, “Battle Born,” Keuning calls it the album that ties all of the band’s material together. “It took four albums for people to finally understand what we are, because each of the first three albums are a little different from each other and this one ties it all together,” he said.



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