Fall Out Boy’s New Album to Feature ‘a Couple of Guests’


Story by Cat Badra

Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump says the band’s upcoming album will offer a few collaborations

Fall Out Boy are branching out on their upcoming studio album, “Save Rock and Roll.” According to frontman Patrick Stump, the pop-rock guys have enlisted a handful of unique collaborations on the album, although the band isn’t sharing the names quite yet.

“There are going to be a couple of guests,” Stump told Billboard.  “I think we’re going to keep mum about it for now.”

According to the band, some fans might think the collaborations are an odd fit for Fall Out Boy. Still, guitarist Joe Trohman says he feels the partnerships were natural and simply made sense. “To me it doesn’t feel left field,” he said. “We all like different stuff. I look at it like these four Venn diagrams that kind of all come together in the middle on a bunch of strange stuff that makes cool music.”

In other Fall Out Boy news, the band recently moved up the release date for “Save Rock and roll” from May 7 to April 16. “We weren’t kidding when we said we had the album done — so why wait?” said bass player Pete Wentz in an official statement. “It means the world to us the way you have welcomed us back.”



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