Nita Strauss Wedding: Guitarist Performs with Alice Cooper and David Draiman


Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss. The much-anticipated Nita Strauss wedding has come and gone, and it was perfect.

The Nita Strauss wedding took place on May 4th – Author Cat Badra, Photo via Anne Erickson

The much-anticipated Nita Strauss wedding has come and gone, and it was perfect. The longtime Alice Cooper guitarist married her boyfriend, Josh Villalta, on Saturday (May 4th) at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel in Los Angeles. It was a star-studded Nita Strauss wedding perfect for rock royalty. In fact, she even performed with Alice Cooper and Disturbed vocalist David Draiman at the event.

Nita Strauss Wedding Details

For her big day, Strauss wore a glorious Maggie Sottero wedding gown, as reported by fashion experts via an exclusive pictorial for People. Even though she was all glam, that didn’t keep her from being a rock star. She strapped on her guitar and performed with Cooper during the event, playing the Beatles’ “Back in the U.S.S.R.” She also lent vocals Draiman’s performance of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” and Draiman performed Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” at the reception.

Frankly, “Back in the U.S.S.R.” and “Enter Sandman” are really romantic choices, so I’m surprised. But, “Whole Lotta Love” makes sense, so Draiman saved the day.

Villalta is Straus’ drummer and manager, so he got in on the musical fun, too. He played drums during the performances. It’s funny, because in a few of the Instagram comments on Draiman’s post with the performances, people mentioned that the drummer was out of step. But, the drummer was the groom. He obviously had more on his mind that putting on a perfect performance.

As for more Nita Strauss wedding tidbits, the couple’s first dance was to Extreme’s “More Than Words,” which is really the perfect pick.

Strauss has played lead guitarist for Cooper for several years at this point. She left his band in 2022 to play with Demi Lovato but returned not long after that. Lovato was also at the wedding.

Strauss managed to fit the wedding in surrounding a bunch of different touring obligations. She just closed out a headlining solo tour and is also slated to perform at the Welcome to Rockville and Sonic Temple festivals this spring. Then, from June through October, Strauss will be touring with Cooper, including his massive summer U.S. trek with Rob Zombie.

Back in 2019, Strauss spoke with Audio Ink Radio about her loving relationship with her then-boyfriend and now-husband. “Josh has been my boyfriend, my manager, my drummer– he does just about everything in the Nita Srauss world expect for the actual guitar playing. It’s amazing, because nobody will have my best interest at heart more than somebody that actually really cares about me.”

She added, “There are a lot of managers that do a great job for their clients, but at the end of the day, they don’t share their future hopes and dreams, so the person managing my career has those things at heart, not just what’s going to make me money right now. It’s a great relationship. It’s not perfect. We have our disagreements, but overall, I knew he has the best and clearest vision of what will work best for me in the long run, and as long as you have shared goals and dreams and aspirations, I think it’s a great thing to work with your significant other.”

It was certainly a Nita Strauss wedding for the rock history books. We wish them a lifetime of happiness.

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