Live Frontman Ed Kowalczyk Discusses ‘I Alone’ Music Video


Story by Anne Erickson

Live singer Ed Kowalczyk reminisces about the band’s 1994 video for ‘I Alone’ and coming up as a band in the ‘90s

Ed Kowalczyk is widely known as the lead singer and songwriter of Live, a ‘90s alternative mainstay that rose to fame with dynamic, spiritual hits such as “Lightning Crashes,” “Heaven” and “Selling the Drama.” One of the group’s most memorable music videos is 1994’s “I Alone,” and if you ask Kowalczyk, the video is still one of his favorites– even though his kids have something else to say about it.

“My daughters laugh their heads off at that video!” Kowalczyk told Audio Ink Radio. “They say, ‘Dad, you were so skinny!’ And about my haircut, they said, ‘What is that tail, dad? What were you doing?’

“I look back on it, and I think, ‘What a moment. What an era of individuality. To me, the video screams individual. W e weren’t faking anything or doing what was cool. We had this is a wacky idea to double time the song and half time the video in slow motion, and we did it.

It was an off-the-cuff period. Some of that has been lost since then. I see a lot of videos now that all look the same. There was space in the ‘90s to do wacky stuff like that video and be intense and take chances. When I think of other videos of that era, like the Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Bullet with Butterfly Wings,’ these were great videos of the era. It was definitely a unique time to be coming up in a band.”

Kowalczyk releases his new solo EP, “The Garden,” last November. Check out our full interview with Kowalczyk here.

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