Killswitch Engage Streaming Entire New Album, ‘Disarm the Descent’


Story by Charles Ken

Massachusetts metal band Killswitch Engage streaming entire new album before its release

Only a few hours remain until Massachusetts metal boys Killswitch Engage release their much-anticipated sixth studio album, “Disarm the Descent,” which is their first studio release since original frontman Jesse Leach got back into the band. The set drops April 2, but fans can hear the full album now via Alternative Press.

Killswitch Engage started the recording process for the new release in early 2012, and longstanding guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz produced the entire album.

When asked about the new tunes, Leach previously explained, “I had a loose idea of what I wanted to do with the direction of the lyrics, and the good thing is we had started the record before touring. I didn’t feel satisfied, I felt a lot of pressure to get so much done in such a short amount of time, and my mindset was like, ‘Well, I can write this record now, and try to get it done before we tour, or we can go out on the road, and I can live with these guys and get back into the feel of things, and have sort of a better perspective on my role in the band.’”

Fans can still pre-order for “Disarm the Descent,” which features lead single “In Due Time,” via the group’s official website.

Charles Ken
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