Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Teams with PETA


Story by Anne Erickson

Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan wants California Pizza Chain to stop cheese providers from hurting baby cows

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is teaming up with PETA in the fight against animal cruelty. Corgan has written an open letter to the CEO of restaurant chain California Pizza Kitchen asking the business to lend a hand in protecting baby cows on dairy farms.

In the letter, Corgan asks the restaurant to have its cheese providers stop the hurtful processes of “dehorning” and “disbudding” calves. As PETA reports, both are frightening, painful treatments “in which calves have their horns gouged out” or “sensitive horn tissue burned out of their heads.”

Here’s an excerpt from Corgan’s letter:

I have viewed the photos and watched PETA’s investigative video of these procedures, and I was appalled to see young calves who struggled and writhed in pain as searing hot irons burned their heads. The industry has noted that the burns are so severe that they may damage the underlying bone…  I strongly urge you to take immediate action to stop this unspeakable barbarism by requiring your suppliers to phase out dehorning.

Check out the singer’s complete letter here.

Corgan, of course, isn’t the first musician to use his fame to help PETA. Previously, Morrissey and Paul McCartney, among others, have partnered with the animal rights organization. As for Corgan’s stance on vegan foods, his suburban Chicago tea shop, Madame ZuZu’s, serves vegan pastries, according to PETA.

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