WVM Says New Order and David Bowie Helped Inspire New Songs, ‘Empire’ and ‘Pale Horse’


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Interview: WVM chats about his new songs off his upcoming album, ‘Waves of Nothing’

Los Angeles-based analog electro artist WVM first came on the scene with his debut EP, “The End is Only the Beginning – EP,” which arrived in March of 2013. The EP featured some big names in the rock world, including Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) and Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle).

Now, WVM is prepping to release a new album called “Waves of Nothing.” Although the album has yet to get a release date, WVM has released two songs off the album, “Empire” and “Pale Horse.” Both songs have a definite Nine Inch Nails character, with pulsating electronic beats and dark, urgent vocals. Stream “Empire” here and “Pale Horse” here.

“The first two songs, ‘Pale Horse’ and ‘Empire,’ were heavily inspired by ’80s David Bowie and New Order with a bit of a darker feel overall but still a shred of hope,” WVM told Audio Ink Radio. “I definitely don’t want to sound like I came from the ’80s — I don’t see a point in doing over what was already done so well — but my inspiration comes more from their sense of creativity and invention which I don’t feel when I listen to most mainstream music today. The album gets progressively darker as it goes, incorporating a lot of old school techno with EBM and electro, I definitely want to push some boundaries the further I go.”

“Empire” and “Pale Horse” were produced, performed, arranged and composed by WVM and mixed by Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, No Doubt, Slayer). WVM says working with Beavan is a perfect fit, because they come from a similar musical background.

“Sean has worked in one way or another with a lot of my favorite artists from Marilyn Manson, Depeche Mode to David Bowie, so it was only natural that we would work well together as most of the artists he has worked with are great inspirations for me,” WVM said.

As for the new album, WVM says to expect “a lot of analog synths but there will be guitars intermixed with analog drum machines and synthetic sounds.”

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