Theory of a Deadman’s Tyler Connolly Says to Keep Songwriting Real


Story by Charles Ken

Interview: Theory of a Deadman frontman Tyler Connolly says songwriters should write what they feel

Canadian rock outfit Theory of a Deadman have five studio albums to their name, so frontman Tyler Connolly knows a lot about songwriting at this point.

When it comes to songwriting, Connolly says you have to be real.

“You have to start by writing how you feel,” Connolly explained. “People can see through what you’re writing if it isn’t the truth. Music connects people better than anything else. That’s the great thing about music. There’s a connection through all of us. Write how you feel, and I guarantee that other people will feel it, too.”

When it comes to picking a favorite song, it’s not an easy pick. Frontman Tyler Connolly says the newest album is usually his top choice, simply because it’s fresh and new to the band, especially when playing shows.

“I’m so bias,” he told Audio Ink Radio, laughing. “Everything is so frontloaded. This album is the newest, so everything is fresh. The therapy of this record is fresh. When I write songs, it’s like therapy. So, this album would be first. Older records can get lost, because you end up wanting to play the newer songs more!”

Connolly is talking about Theory of a Deadman’s latest album, 2014’s “Savages.” The collection features some of the band’s most mature songwriting to date, with deeper, darker tunes than on previous Theory of a Deadman collections.

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