Bullet for My Valentine Welcome New Bass Player, Jamie Mathias


Story by Charles Ken

Jamie Mathias is the new bass player for Bullet for My Valentine

Bullet for My Valentine are gearing up to release their fifth album, “Venom,” and in preparation for the new tunes, the guys are releasing a series of video studio diaries that lets fans inside the making of the album. Episode two of the series is about the group’s new bass player, Jamie Mathias, who joined up with the band after bass player Jason James parted ways with Bullet for My Valentine this year. The video is streaming now via YouTube.

“It’ll be like a rebirth, I think, hopefully, that’s the way I’m seeing it,” guitarist Michael “Padge” Paget says in the video. “I think it’ll be really positive moving forward, and interesting at the same time because we get to do it all again with a new member.”

He added, “We get to redo everything, which is gonna be fun. It’s gonna be fun again, which is I think maybe what we lost on the last record, the fun element.”

Mathias is a great singer, as well as a bass player, and frontman Matt Tuck says that was a big part of the band’s decision to bring Mathias into the fold.

“The big part in picking Jamie is that he can do a lot of the backing stuff,” Tuck says in the clip. “He’s totally got that voice for it, as well as the super high harmony stuff. He’s got a great voice.”

Mathias and Bullet for My Valentine will kick off a North American tour at Slipknot’s Summer’s Last Stand tour on July 24. “Venom” hits stores on Aug. 14.

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