Sevendust Vocalist Lajon Witherspoon Talks ‘Kill the Flaw’


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Interview: Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon sits down with Audio Ink Radio at Louder than Life festival

Atlanta’s Sevendust just unleashed album number 11 in “Kill the Flaw,” a majestic, angst-y concoction of melodic metal that is truly all things Sevendust. A few days after the release, the guys performed at Louder than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky, and showcased a few new tunes off “Kill the Flaw,” as well as a catalog of previous songs. Sevendust vocalist Lajon Witherspoon sat down with Audio Ink Radio at the festival — on his birthday, Oct. 3, to boot — to discuss the new album and what keeps the members of Sevendust so passionate about their music.

Congratulations on the new album, “Kill the Flaw.” It’s getting a great response. What is the “flaw?”

I think the “flaw” is everything that has tried to keep us down for so many years. The “flaw” would be obstacles we’ve had to overcome in life. I think as we’ve gotten older, they’ve gotten more obscure, but in some kind of way, we try to “Kill the Flaw.” It’s also a testament to how long we’ve been around and all the bad seeds that were in our pockets for a long time.

You guys have been going strong as one lineup for so long. What keeps you together?

I think we kept a promise to each other when we first started this. I feel destined to do music, and I don’t know what else I would be doing if I wasn’t doing it. If it makes any sense, I still feel like we’re at the beginning, because there’s still so much to do. I think there’s a lot more ground to cover and a lot more world to see.

What songs off the new release do you really enjoy playing live?

Right now, what we are playing live are “Not Today” and “Thank You.” I can’t wait to get deeper into the new album, but definitely, I love playing “Not Today” and “Thank You.”

Sevendust’s fans are extremely loyal. Why do you think you have such a tight bond with them?

I don’t say we have fans. I say we have family. If you’re been there since the first album, you’ve grown up with us. If you came up in the middle, we’ve been going for so long that I think you’re still family. We don’t have concerts. I feel like we have family reunions, and we try to bring that vibe to wherever we go. That’s what we’re about. We’re about love.

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