Interview: DeverauX on Why ‘Rock is Definitely Not Dead’


Story by Anne Erickson

Michigan metal band DeverauX talks the state of heavy music and more

Michigan’s DeverauX makes a melodic-yet-heavy metal sound that recalls Killswitch Engage, Sevendust and Coal Chamber. The band recently released a new EP, “Exposed,” and will bring the new tunes to Dirt Fest music festival in Pontiac, Michigan, Saturday (Aug. 13). Anne Erickson caught up with the guys of DeverauX — which includes Phil LaMay on vocals, Chas Millican on guitar, David Floyd on drums, Jake Zemla on bass — to talk about the state of rock and metal music. Hint: They say it’s strong.

What are your thoughts on modern metal and rock these days? Any hard rock and metal festivals I go to lately are packed.

Chas: I would say rock music is one of those things where it’s not a trend or a wave or a movement that comes around. Once it happens, it has happened. It gave way to a lot of super loyal people, and those loyal fans come out every single time, just like you said. No matter what is going down current event-wise, a rock show is a rock show, and it’s always going to be that way. I would say that rock is definitely not dead.

Looking nationally, what are some of your favorite bands right now?

Jake: Gojira is a big one for me right now. Periphery is another really big one. Between the Buried and Me.

Dirt Fest music festival has become a regular stop for you guys. What draws you back to that festival?

David: The owner of Dirt Fest is Matt Dalton, and he’s our longtime producer, so we’ve had a relationship with him standing for the last five years. It’s a good chance for us to get out and play with a bunch of Michigan bands, and it’s becoming one of the premier Michigan festivals, so it’s beneficial on all accounts.

Chas: He’s the one of the main driving creative forces behind the CD. Very few hands touched this project, and Matt Dalton was one of the ones who has a lot of his flavor on this album.

Jake: Also, I’m extremely excited to see Killswitch Engage at the festival. I think we’re all pretty excited- everyone in the band! It’s a pretty obvious influence.

Tell me what we can expect for the rest of 2016.

David: We’re making a transition. Jake is transitioning from bass to guitar, and we’re incorporating a fifth member, so we’ll be a five-piece again. We have some shows in the works, but we’re trying to focus and prepare for what we have in making this transition.

That’s great. Why did you guys decide to go back to being a five piece?

Chas: The music was created to be a five-piece. It’s written to have two guitar players and a bass player. We never really wanted to be a four-piece. We always wanted to go back to a five-piece. We took our time to find the right person and make sure the time was right for the move.

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