Dagon Return with ‘Ocean Metal’ Reunion


Story by Anne Erickson

Interview: Dagon frontman Randall Ladiski talks about the ocean metal band’s return

Dagon got together in 2004, and while the group started out as a casual project, it quickly became obvious the guys had something special they couldn’t ignore.  The mid-Michigan band rose to be one of the most predominant metal outfits on the scene, characterized for their “ocean metal,” which mixes deep-sea themes with melodic death metal and thrash.

The band played its last show in 2011, shortly after the release of their “Vindication” EP and a few years after their studio album, 2009’s “Terraphobic,” was unleashed. Now, the band is back with new guitarist Kris Finison in the fold. Dagon’s reunion show is Friday (Oct. 21) at The Avenue Café in Lansing.

Singer and bass player Randall Ladiski – who along with Finison, drummer and vocalist Jordan Batterbee and guitarist Chris Sharrock make up Dagon – checked in with Anne to discusses this highly-anticipated reunion.

There is so much excitement around Dagon’s reunion show. How does that feel?

It’s a little overwhelming to be honest. We knew that there was a little interest in Dagon from some of the diehards, but we posted a picture of us practicing on our band Facebook, and within a few days, we had responses from six continents. Apparently, Antarctica isn’t hip to Ocean Metal.

What made now the right time to do a reunion show?

Well, we had been thinking about it for a while, and when Kris Finison, a friend of ours from the scene, mentioned that he was interested in playing, everything just seemed to be right.

Tell me about your newest member of Dagon, Kris, and what he brings to Dagon.

Kris is awesome. He’s a heck of a player, and his personality and attitude toward writing music meshes very well with ours. He brings not only a lot of technical virtuosity to the band, but also a great ear for melody.

What’s next for you guys? Do you think you’ll be releasing new music or playing more shows?

Yeah, eventually. We have six new songs written right now, so we’ll see what happens!

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Courtesy photo via Dagon, photo layout via Kris Finison

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