Corey Taylor Says New Slipknot Music is ‘Killer’ and ‘Intense’


Story and photo by Anne Erickson

Corey Taylor has kept busy on the road with Stone Sour for much of last year and into 2018, most notably with a new album, “Hydrograd,” and touring to support the release. But, fans of his other band, Slipknot, can take comfort in the fact that Taylor has been opening up about new music from the masked metallers, and now, he’s giving fans a glimpse into how the new tracks are sounding.

It seems the new music is shaping up to sound, well, a lot like Slipknot. When asked about the status of new Slipknot music by Cincinnati, Ohio radio station 96 Rock, Taylor replied, “Oh, yeah, absolutely. Those guys have been putting together some really killer music, and they’ve been sending the stuff to me when they feel like it’s ready, and I have six tunes right now.”

He added that the new music is “really, really heavy and dark, and I’ve got lyrics done for about three of them right now, and it’s intense. It’s got me looking forward to 2019, let’s put it that way.” Switching gears to Stone Sour’s upcoming tour with Ozzy Osbourne, Taylor explained the major influence Ozzy has had on his career.

“Without Ozzy, there’d be no me — period,” he said. “Not only have I been a fan, but I’ve known that family for going on almost 20 years now, and the support that they’ve shown me over the years is incredible. So to be able to have that happen again with Stone Sour, man, I’m beyond blown away.”

Stone Sour recently wrapped up an early 2018 tour with Halestorm. They’re off the road for a few months but will jump back in beginning with an April 28 show at the Welcome to Rockville festival in Jacksonville, Florida, and continue onto a short spring tour.

Anne Erickson
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