Bad Wolves Get Personal in ‘Remember When’ 


Story by Charles Ken, photo by Alysse Gafkjen

‘Remember When’ from Bad Wolves is an emotional rock track that’s personal to frontman Tommy Vext

Bad Wolves, the band behind the imbiqutous cover of the Cranberries’ “Zombie,” has a new song out. The track, “Remember When,” is off the group’s debut album, “Disobey,” and the music video for the song is streaming exclusively via Apple Music now through June 15.

“Remember When” is a deeply personal song that is inspired by frontman Tommy Vext’s difficult relationship with his twin brother.

“My twin brother is currently serving 17 years for attempted murder — [he] tried to kill me during a home invasion when he was high in 2010,” Vext said in a recent interview with Kerrang!. “[Testifying against him] was definitely one of the more difficult moments of my life.”

“‘Remember When’ kinda goes through a timeline and highlights two people who lived the exact same life and had the exact same hardships and advantages and disadvantages, and who we are ultimately as adults is defined by the choices that we made, and our lives reflect those choices,” Vext added.

With Bad Wolves’ cover of “Zombie” becoming a regular on rock radio, the guys have a busy summer up ahead. The band will be touring to promote their debut album all summer, including a slot on the upcoming Five Finger Death Punch and Breaking Benjamin tour, as well as a co-headlining tour with From Ashes to New.



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