Slash on the Guns N’ Roses Reunion Tour: It’s a Blessing


Story and photo by Anne Erickson

Slash has nothing but good things to say about Guns N’ Roses’ reunion tour

Some of the biggest rock news of the past few years has revolved around Slash, Axl Rose and Duff McKagan getting together most of the classic Guns N’ Roses lineup for a massive reunion tour. It’s something the guys said would never happen, so it’s been quite a ride. Now, Slash is out talking to the press about his upcoming solo release, and when asked about the Guns N’ Roses reunion, he has good things to say.

“…It’s been something that I definitely would have bet against… Having Axl and I get back together and sort of work out our differences and start moving forward, was sort of a shock…” Slash told Rolling Stone. “And it’s been really a wonderful experience, and I’ve been having really a great time with it, and everybody’s been getting along great…”

He added that, “it’s just sort of a blessing to have it go that way, you know, especially a band that’s been around — or not around, depending on, you know, all the different lineup changes and all that kind of stuff — for so long. So, it’s been really nice to be riding this wave.”

So, what about new music from the resurrected Guns N’ Roses crew? When asked about if it’s true that he and McKagan might perform new Guns N’ Roses music at some point, Slash responded, “I think probably the best way to look at is, if something happens, then it happens. There you go.”

Slash’s new album, “Living the Dream,” arrives on Sept. 21. Per usual, the album features Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Kennedy, who is known as the frontman for Alter Bridge, also released his own solo album earlier this year, “Year of the Tiger.”

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