P.O.D. Announces New Album, ‘Circles’


Story by Cat Badra

P.O.D. will drop a new album, ‘Circles,’ by the end of this year

P.O.D. first broke the news to Audio Ink Radio back in June that the band was wrapping up work on a new album. Now, Sonny Sandoval and company have announced that they will release their much-anticipated new album, “Circles,” on Nov. 16.

“Circles” will mark P.O.D.’s 10th studio album and offer the previously released single “Soundboy Killa,” as well as 10 other songs. Another new song from the album, “Rockin’ with the Best,” is available now for digital download.

Sandoval told Audio Ink Radio that the guys worked with a group called Heavy on the new album, who brought a fun, pop-inflused edge to their music. “We’ve always written our own music before, and we still wrote our music, but we were more open to change, or at least them adding their feel to it. They have worked with Dirty Heads and Sublime with Rome, and they have more of a — not younger but cleaner, poppier tone to it. So, we went in open-minded, and when we were at the end of the record, we were like ‘We don’t even have a really heavy song!’ Everything is fun, the vibe… It’s fun, it’s catchy and I definitely think it’s P.O.D. 2018.”

The new album is the follow-up to 2015’s “The Awakening,” which scored the guys a hit single in “This Goes Out to You.”

P.O.D.’s ‘Circles’ Track List:

“Rockin’ with the Best”
“Always Southern California”
“Panic Attack”
“On the Radio”
“Fly Away”
“Listening for the Silence”
“Soundboy Killa”

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