Static-X Highlights Late Frontman Wayne Static’s Cathartic Vocals on New Song, ‘Hollow’


Static-X – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Jeremy Saffer

The late Wayne Static’s vocals appear on a new song from his band Static-X, called “Hollow”

Static-X has unleashed a new track off their upcoming “Project Regeneration” album, which featuring the vocals of their late frontman Wayne Static. Listen to the song “Hollow” — which features heavy, pummeling rhythms, spiraling production and Static’s cathartic vocals — via the YouTube player blow.

“This song was originally a demo from the ‘Start a War’ album, which was never completed. Wayne and I never felt like the music on the original demo was fully realized,” bass player Tony Campos said in a statement. “The vocals sounded great, but some of the musical compositions from that time period felt a bit experimental.”

He added, “There is a reason that some of these tracks never made it on a previous Static-X album, and it certainly wasn’t because of Wayne’s vocals. The band was just going through a lot of changes at that time and, in retrospect, it felt like we were straying away from that authentic Static-X sound that had really defined us.”

Static-X reunited last year for a major tour, plus announced the release of “Project Regeneration.” The band has been touring with a new singer, Xer0, who wears a mask in the likeness of Static during shows. “Project Regeneration” was originally slated to also feature David Draiman from Disturbed, Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch, Al Jourgensen, Burton C. Bell, Dez Fafara and more, but now that the Static-X guys have found some new demos of Static’s voice, the guest list is shorter.

“After announcing ‘Project Regeneration’ to the world, we unexpectedly uncovered even more unreleased tracks left behind by Wayne. Because of this, the album will have fewer guest vocalists and more complete songs featuring lead vocals by Wayne Static,” the band stated.

“Project Regeneration” will arrive on May 29.

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