Machine Head Releases ‘Stop the Bleeding’ Featuring Jesse Leach from Killswitch Engage


Machine Head – Story by Cat Badra, courtesy photo

Machine Head has released a two-song, digital single called “Civil Unrest,” penned days after the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery

The metal men of Machine Head have released a two-song, digital single called “Civil Unrest,” featuring the songs “Stop the Bleeding” and “Bulletproof,” the former featuring a guest appearance from Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach.

The songs were penned days after the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, according to a statement from the band’s label Nuclear Blast. Stream or purchase the songs via

The music video for “Stop the Bleeding” was directed and edited by Mike Sloat and filmed on the streets of Oakland, California. Leach’s clips in the video were filmed in Kingston, New York, with David Brodsky. Watch the video here.

“I wrote and sang the lyrics on Wednesday May 27th, 2020, the day that the four officers who murdered George Floyd were (originally) not charged with anything,” Machine Head vocalist and guitarist Robb Flynn said in a statement. “This day was engulfed in protests and riots across America. I drove into Oakland, past large demonstrations already happening and, in a fury, wrote down everything I was feeling after watching the horrific footage. Within hours, what I wanted to say, what I needed to say had been recorded in the song.”

“I decided to sing it over a song called ‘Stop The Bleeding,’ that we had recorded back in December 2018 with Jared and Carlos Cruz on drums,” he added.

Flynn says he had been talking with Leach for months about singing on the song, but their schedules weren’t lining up. With the lockdown and coronavirus situation, the two finally found time to make it work.

“After what happened to George Floyd, I sent him the lyrics I’d written, and he replied saying he was ‘100% on board,’ Flynn said. “Jesse is someone I consider to be a pioneer and, in many ways, one of the men who changed the face of metal. His contribution to this song made it extremely powerful and it’s an honor to have him be a part of it.”

“Being asked to be part of this song is an honor,” added Leach. “Yes, because it’s Machine Head, but more importantly, this is a message that needs to be heard and spread. These issues concerning abuses of power and racism are timeless. I have written about these previously, and I’ll write about them again. I think Robb really nailed this one, both lyrically and sonically.”

Leach added, “My hope is this song helps awaken those who hear it. Robb has been a frequent voice of the voiceless in these times, so teaming up with him is a no brainer. We need more of our Metal Community to speak out on social issues and help raise awareness, especially during these crucial times. Music is the soundtrack to our lives, it transcends language and culture. This is the reason we as musicians need to do our part to spark thought and discussion on these types of issues. We can make a difference through music and we can help stop the bleeding.”

A significant portion of the streaming proceeds from “Stop The Bleeding” will go to Grass Roots Law, the organization representing George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.



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