Foo Fighters’ New Album is ‘More Energetic’ Than Past Releases, Says Dave Grohl


Dave Grohl says Foo Fighters' upcoming album, "Medicine at Midnight" takes from the "big grooves and riffs" of the band's favorite records of the past.

Story by Charles Ken, photo by Ken Settle

Dave Grohl says Foo Fighters’ upcoming album, “Medicine at Midnight” takes from the “big grooves and riffs” of the band’s favorite records of the past

Foo Fighters recently revealed that they’ll release a new album, “Medicine at Midnight,” in early 2021, plus unleashed the album’s debut single, “Shame Shame,” which sounds very different from your average Foo Fighters song. If you ask frontman Dave Grohl, different might be a good descriptor for Foo Fighters’ entire new album.

“Since it’s our tenth record and 25th anniversary, we decided years ago that we wanted to do something that sounded fresh,” Grohl told NME. In the end, Grohl says the album turned out to sound like a “Saturday night party album.”

“A lot of our favorite records have these big grooves and riffs,” Grohl added. “I hate to call it a funk or dance record, but it’s more energetic in a lot of ways than anything we’ve ever done and it was really designed to be that Saturday night party album. It was written and sequenced in a way that you put on, and nine songs later you’ll just put it on again.”

Grohl went on to say the album’s first track, “Making a Fire,” is “rooted in Sly & the Family Stone grooves, but amplified in the way that the Foo Fighters do it.”

Grohl also says the album’s title track, “Medicine at Midnight,” reminds him a bit of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.” Those looking for a song that’s similar to Foo Fighters’ past material, Grohl recommends checking out “Waiting on a War.”

“Medicine at Midnight” will arrive on Feb. 5, 2021. Grohl is hoping to tour on the new album, and time will tell if traditional touring returns by the time the album hits stores.



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