Kiss’ Paul Stanley Promises Pyrotechnic-Filled New Year’s Eve Livestream Show


Kiss will perform a New Year's Eve livestream concert from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to welcome 2021.

Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Ken Settle

Kiss will rock a massive New Year’s Eve livestream show from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to ring in 2021

Kiss is gearing up celebrate New Year’s Eve with a massive livestream from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The ’80s rockers are event trying to break the record for the biggest-ever pyro display, clocking in at $1.5 million of pyrotechnics. Speaking with Variety, signer and guitarist Paul Stanley says the New Year’s Eve show will offer one of the biggest show spectacles in Kiss’ history.

“We have never been known for our subtlety and we’re not going to start now,” Stanley explained to Variety. “This year has been an inconvenience for some and outright devastation for others. So who better to kick it in the butt than us? And we’ll do it in eight-inch heels.”

Speaking with Spin magazine, Stanley says to expect the New Year’s Eve concert, which will be filmed by more than 50 cameras in 4K and 360-degree views, to be “like the Olympics with guitars.” “This is one of, I would say, maybe three times or so that we’ve ever done a New Year’s Eve show. This is a worldwide party.”

Since we’re currently living in a COVID-19 world, the full concert will be performed with tight coronavirus restrictions. Stanley says the band is taking those protocols very seriously, but they also want to give fans something to latch onto as live music inches closer and closer to a return. “People, I think, are seeing this light at the end of the tunnel of vaccines, but sadly, a vaccine doesn’t do any good unless you’re vaccinated, and most of us haven’t been,” he told Spin.

Stanley hopes one positive to come out of the pandemic is having people understand the importance of crucial human relationships. “People hopefully realizing how important we are to each other and that human contact and support is really essential,” he told Spin. “Hopefully, that’s one of the lights we can carry through once this is over; appreciating one another and realizing how much we really need each other.”



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