Could Motley Crue Avatars, Like Kiss, Happen? Nikki Sixx Comments


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Could Motley Crue avatars be a thing? – Author Cat Badra, Photo via Ross Halfin

During Kiss’ final concert, the longstanding hard rock band announced plans to continue with the Kiss brand as digital avatars. They even announced an avatar tour of sorts, keeping the Kiss name and likeness alive. Now, Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue is commenting on the idea of avatars to keep Motley Crue alive for decades to come. So, could Motley Crue avatars be a thing?

Could Motley Crue Avatars Happen

During a recent interview with Swedish radio station Rockklassiker (via, Sixx was asked about the idea of Motley Crue avatars to keep the brand going, much like the Kiss avatar idea. He was all for it. That might surprise some fans, but he really likes the idea and sees it as a way to merge technology with music.

“I love technology,” Sixx said in the interview regarding the idea of Motley Crue avatars. “I think [it’s good] as long as it’s coming from an artist that says, ‘I have something I wanna do and this technology is gonna help.'”

Sixx continued, saying, “At some point, we’re not gonna be here anymore… not to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s just not gonna happen. And how great for your band – or whatever it is that you do – to be able to go forward for generations and generations. So I think, when the time is right, put us in a coffin and fire up those avatars.”

Sixx also went on to say that Motley Crue have long embraced technology and even been ahead of the curve a few times. “We did some stuff with holograms years ago, before the technology was really fleshed out,” he said.

Currently, Motley Crue are on tour with John 5 serving as the bass player in place of Mick Mars. The latter and Motley Crue have been duking it out in a legal dispute. Meanwhile, the Crue recently released a new song, “Dogs of War,” which marks their first with John 5. In Audio Ink Radio’s review of the song, we write, “‘Dogs of War’ has a very modern mix, with polished, smooth-sounding vocals perfectly blended into the heavy instrumentals. It really doesn’t sound like anything from Motley Crue’s 1980s days, and maybe that’s a good thing. After all, we already have a lot of ’80s-flavored Motley Crue, so why not deliver something different?” The new song was produced by Bob Rock, who commented in a statement, “Working with the band on the new song was the easiest session I have ever had with them. The Crue is the best they have ever been! And they have plenty of new stuff in store.” So, it definitely sounds like more new music is on the way.

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