AFI to Release New Album ‘Before the Year’s End’


AFI will release a new studio album in 2021.

AFI frontman Davey Havok – Story and photo by Anne Erickson

AFI have revealed they’ll release a new studio album in 2021

New music from AFI, short for A Fire Inside, is on the way. The California band took to social media on New Year’s Day to announce that their 2021 schedule includes releasing a new record, and they also shared a teaser featuring possible artwork from the upcoming release.

“With the end of a year that has been, at best, challenging for all, we have news that we hope may bring you some joy,” the band stated on Twitter. “Very soon, new songs shall be yours.”

They continued, “Before the year’s end, our 11th album will follow. We could not be more happy with our latest work and hope you will feel the same. Thank you for joining us upon this next journey. We are thrilled to take it and honored to have you at our side.”

The teaser features some new AFI artwork depicting band members — including frontman Davey Havok, guitarist Jade Puget, drummer Adam Carson and and bass player Hunter Burgan — in an outlined format. The clip wraps up with the simple caption, “2021.” AFI has also uploaded a new, more modern-looking band logo to their social media to mark the next chapter of the band. View the teaser below. Of course, what’s absent from the teaser is new music, instead with the band simply teasing the imagery for the new music.

Afi’s most recent studio album is 2017’s “AFI (The Blood Album),” although the band released an EP titled “The Missing Man” in 2018. Last year, AFI celebrated the 25th anniversary of their debut album, 1995’s “Answer That and Stay Fashionable,” and 20th anniversary of their seminal 2000 release, “The Art of Drowning.” As for other new music, Havok and Puget released a new album with their side project Blaqk Audio, “Beneath the Black Palms,” in August 2020.

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